Hot Summer Time


It’s almost summer; tomorrow is the first day of summer. It is already HOT, HOT, HOT. Be careful and protect yourself and your jewelry.  Keep your handmade jewelry away from standing water.  Do not get in pools, creeks, lakes, rivers, beaches and any other water with your jewelry. Take care of your jewelry and it will last. Have a wonderful summer.

Always,  Bead Lady (Sandra)


Unseen Works


I was just sitting here thinking about all the things I am trying to make for my business and I realized that my hours of creating is unseen works. I’m working on my new pieces, but until my next event where I sale my crafts; I’m  will not be showing them. So please don’t think I’ve stopped. I will never stop as long as God gives me strength and breathe, I will always be making jewelry. Just wanted to let you know, I’m still here.

Always, Bead Lady (Sandra)

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HONOREE & Updating Subscribers Forms


Yes…It was me….Martin Luther King, Jr. Program


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Updating Subscribers:

Sorry to say some of you all did not complete your forms; therefore  you are unconfirmed. You may re-do. More items will be added soon….

Thank You & Have a Bless Day